Improved Lots in Los Rios Neighborhood - Rio Rancho

            Please download the Los Rios Neighborhood Plat to see the lots for sale. Terms are cash or owner financing.

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Lot 4 Block 156   Lot 7 Block 161   Lot 8 Block 166
$60,000   $80,000   $70,000
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Lot 9 Block 166   Lot 10 Block 160   Lot 13 Block 164
$70,000   --SOLD--   $75,000
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Lot 14 Block 160   Lot 15 Block 160   Lot 20 Block 166
$70,000   $70,000   $80,000
Lot 14   Lot 15   Lot 20
Lot 22 Block 161
Lot 22

Los Rios Neighborhood Information

Schools  The above lots are in the Rio Rancho Public Schools district. The elementary school, grades K-5, is Enchanted Hills. This elementary school is just west of the Highway 528 and Corrales Road intersection, on Obregon Road. The middle school is Mountain View for grades 6 and 7. Rio Rancho Mid-High is for 8th and 9th graders. Grades 10 through 12 go to Rio Rancho High School.

Utilities  To preserve our wonderful views in this development, all utilities are underground. Electricity is available everywhere. Some lots are further from the existing PNM gas lines and the owners opt for buried propane tanks. Each lot requires its own water well. These wells are anywhere from 170 to 410 feet as of 2007. The water is excellent but on the hard side. Not having to pay city water bills is a great part of living in Los Rios. Each home also needs it own septic tank, but percolation is not a problem here.

Roads  All roads are dirt and are regularly maintained by the City of Rio Rancho. The only paved street through the area is Rio Vista Drive. Most people here prefer this rural atmosphere, and the homeowners have successfully defeated city attempts to pave and gutter the neighborhood.

Architecture  For an area of almost non-existent architectural requirements, the Los Rios neighborhood is almost exclusively up-scale southwestern. There is a pleasant mix of flat and pitched roofs, along with traditional "pueblo" styling of vigas, gated courtyards and desert-colored stucco. Because the area slopes gently towards the Rio Grande River, all lots have a breathtaking view of the Sandia Mountains, the Albuquerque city lights and the trees of the bosque (cottonwoods and other trees lining the river area). During the holidays, luminarias and chile ristras are everywhere. Even though there are no homeowners' associations or architectural control committees, Los Rios has style and is truly an enchanting place to live.

Please download the Los Rios Neighborhood Plat to see the locations of the lots.

Improved Lots in Tierra de Corrales in Corrales, New Mexico

      Please download the Tierra de Corrales Plat to see the lot for sale and price.

Lot 5 Block 1
Lot 5 In Corrales

One of the most desirable lots in Corrales, Tierra de Corrales is a new subdivision located in the hills above the Village of Corrales. Horses are permitted and all roads are paved.

Over one acre of panoramic views of the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque city lights and the Rio Grande bosque.